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Getting Buried In The Game Of War Lords After You’ve Got Your Special Download Link

You get to appreciate this once you consider a few scenarios of the war and order epic. By the time you have taken in a few scenes, you will be hungry for more blood, guts and gore, and will be rushing around hunting for your special download link in order to set off on your way to becoming a warlord yourself. Here is one tactical scene to whet your appetite. See how far down a giant tree you can go.

Do this stealthily if you dare. Race your way up a building if you dare. Let’s assume then that you have had the practice to avoid being hit by a barrage of bullets. Now, to become a true war lord is not just all about the action and the ability to kills as many opponents as you possibly can. It is also about becoming a skillful master. The art of war entails your ability to handle your money affairs pretty darn well.

download link

You need what they call the spending lord skills. They say you need this later in the game, but why not try and get it together ahead of the time. You do know this right. In history, the world’s greatest tyrants spend many years planning their next invasion. By the time they carry it out, the opposition they’re invading pretty much doesn’t stand a chance. Around castle level 22 you could be moving a lot of your war points over to the war tab.

Level two two is low level. At higher levels, if you get that far, you’ll certainly be fighting a lot more and you’ll need all the points you can get your claws on. And, of course, in this game, you’re going to need your war buffs close to hand. No great tyrant ruled the roost without his loyal sidekicks quite close to hand. And that is skill for you. You know the famous saying? Keep your enemies close to you in your tent.

Otherwise the flood gates are opened and you are on the back foot from day one. Keep yourself away from a ground zero and read your tutorials good and proper.