4 Quinoa Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

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4 Quinoa Cooking Mistakes to Avoid

Although it is fairly easy to cook quinoa, many first timers find it a nerve-wracking process and oftentimes need a helping hand to make it through the first few experiences. It is those little mistakes that cause the entire preparation to go wrong in many cases. What are those cooking mistakes and how can you avoid them? Here is a look at four of the cooking mistakes to avoid so you are eating your yummy food and enjoying the many quinoa health benefits sooner.

1- Not Rinsing

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Cooked quinoa has a delicious, nutty taste once it is prepared but this is after you’ve rinsed it before putting it on the pot on the stove. Pre-packaged product may come pre-rinsed but it is a good idea to do it just to be safe. If you are using fresh product, always clean and rinse it well to remove the bitter taste.

2- Overcooking

It is imperative to follow cooking directions precisely when preparing this food. Overcooked food is never good, especially if using this grain. In fact, you’ve probably depleted all of the quinoa health benefits and the taste already. Cook the grain for about 15-minutes and no longer. Remember, practice makes perfect.

3- Not Draining When Done

Once the quinoa has cooked on the stovetop you are eager to sit down and enjoy your prepared food. But if you forget to drain the food once it is done, those anticipated delicious bites might seriously disappoint. Always drain the excess water before serving!

4- Not Fluffing

Just like rice, quinoa needs fluffing to attain the proper texture. If you forego this ski, expect the final product to lack lusted and taste and probably will be dry on top of it all. All you need to fluff is a fork and there are no expert skills necessary. Make sure to fluff!

Preparing this delicious grain is simple and enjoying the great quinoa health benefits is just as easy.  The more that you do it, the easier it becomes for you. Keep these four tips in mind when preparing the grain and your meal will come out perfect every time.