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These Are Things You Can Do To Take Your Fascination With Hollywood Still Further

People to see and places to go. That’s why you haven’t got a dime and a half of time. You haven’t got the time of day to be sifting through thick, dusty books at old libraries where nerdy looking college professors and their kids like to hang out.

That’s why you’re all going in with this thing. See it; it’s your superfast smart fancy mobile operation. It’s got operating systems like you won’t believe. While those old smelly shoes are sitting in libraries all day long, you’re going to to pick out all your essential info.

And what info is this? This is the story of your life. It’s what dreams are made of. You’re one of those that still believe that dreams come true. You’re like those struggling actors who became overnight sensations and the Hollywood stars you’re still admiring from the palm of your hand. In that little hand of yours is that smart mobile device of yours and the Hollywood Story game.

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And what else are you going to be doing with it tonight? You’re going to give your ongoing R & D a break tonight, that’s what you’re going to do. Because there’s still people to see and places to go. Who are these people? These are your movie moguls in Hollywood, the place you all want to be. But before you get that far, as far as the agent’s door, you’ve still got to finish rehearsing for the big role that is going to make your very own Hollywood Story.

Man, this is hard work, but it’s fun. And how else are you going to get to Hollywood. How do you think all those struggling actors and producers ended up making it big? They had to work their sweet butts off; washing windows and cleaning you don’t want to know to finally get the break they believed they deserved. Physical labor is hard labor but still, these ambitious men and women still made the time to learn their lines. And then you say you don’t have the time?